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Discovering My Suomi Roots



Just when you think there are no more surprises in life something comes along to completely turn it upside down! That’s exactly what happened to the author in this instance.

He tells the story of how his answer to a simple question took him on an emotional journey of self-discovery and led him to ask countless questions over the months ahead. He reflects back on his life, which has more than its fair share of twists and turns, as he endeavours to trace his origins.

Born in the north-east of England, the story centres on growing up in his home town of Blyth. We follow him through into adulthood and eventually retirement. Just when you would expect things to slow down, the pace picks up as he closes in on his Suomi roots which takes him on an unexpected journey to Finland to finally come face-to-face with his origins.

Release date 15 April 2017 – Now available for pre-order from Amazon

Living with Timmy



The writer’s personal story, who on the threshold of retirement, is diagnosed with a rare brain tumour. How will he cope as he uncovers more and more detail about the tumour? Does he opt for risky brain surgery or for a “watch and wait” strategy? And will his life ever be the same again?

Follow his personal journey from diagnosis to the present day in this story.

Available at Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.comread a preview by clicking on the side menu link.


Get Fitter, Get Leaner, Get An Activity Tracker!



Thinking of buying an activity tracker but need to know more about them? Then this book will give you a general overview of their features as well as good advice before buying one.

Activity trackers really can be lifestyle changers. The author, in his sixties, can testify to that. Find out how he lost over two stone in weight in less than six months and how maintains that weight loss.

Follow his step-by-step practical guide to getting the most out of your activity tracker to improve your personal fitness, health and lose those unwanted pounds.

So are you ready to step up to the mark?

Available at Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.comread a preview by clicking on the side menu link.