My thoughts turn to Timmy

Having just back from my Rocky Mountaineer adventure my thoughts are now very much focused on, Timmy.

Timmy, is the brain tumour I was diagnosed with back in 2012. He is the lifelong companion who has been with me since birth. In the short memoir, I self-published earlier this year, I relive the events of that period up to the present time.

It is two years since my last MRI brain scan, maybe a period of quiet complacency? Well my thoughts are very much focused now. My next scan is scheduled for tomorrow, 27 May. The result is likely to follow soon after – that all too familiar edgy, waiting period. Stay calm, stay positive.

By way of a peace offering to Timmy, I am giving a 50% discount over the Bank Holiday weekend on Living with Timmy. Even more for US purchasers.

Wish me luck!



Author: Paul

Retired and enjoying life.

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