Finish that draft!


I find sometimes when I am writing I have a tendency to want to go back to the beginning to a piece of work and start my revision of this. Yes, I know it is a bad idea. But sometimes I cannot help myself. Maybe it is because I am running out of ideas? Not focused and motivated by the words I am putting on paper?

Whatever the reason I always try to turn my attention back to the draft as quickly as I possibly can. Eradicate that initial thought from my head. I know that when I finish the draft I will have an immense feeling of satisfaction and the real work will begin. The draft itself will not be the finished article and very rudimentary in its content and structure. But it will give me something to work on other than a blank piece of paper.

As the revisions of that draft pile up only then will I start to see something like the finished product. And only then will I feel start to feel truly happy.



Author: Paul

Retired and enjoying life.

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