Elvis Lives!

A short non fiction holiday piece I did for one of my course submissions :

Queen Bee sits in all her glory as the busy dining room staff laud over her. Tonight she wears the traditional Austrian dirndl that has witnessed this scene many times over the years. Her dress size has expanded but the dirndl has not. Ample flesh spills out the top. A waiter lingers at her table longer than he should.

Only a few hours ago we arrived at our favourite holiday destination in the Austrian Tirol region. This is the busy resort of St Johann. We enjoy visiting here over the summer months for the many healthy outdoor activities this region has to offer.

“It`s good to see you both again”, exclaims the familiar face of Hans at the reception desk. The warm friendliness of the people is what we like about this country. The fantastic scenery, lush green valleys with awe inspiring mountain peaks, is truly inspirational.

Having unpacked we found ourselves in the dining room watching the scene unfold before us involving one of the regular visitors to the hotel. This Belgian lady has been coming for several years and revels in the treatment afforded to her. She is obviously very passionate about this country taking the opportunity to fully immerse herself in the whole experience including Austrian dress.

Our entertainment is interupted when Hans brings our after dinner drinks. “Coffee for you sir and a beer for the lady, ya” he announces with a glint in his eye. I couldn`t help but smile – his mischievousness hasn’t wained over the years!

Helmut wanders over. Not exactly your typical hotel owner, but a real character. He always makes a point of greeting the new arrivals.

“I see you`re back again for more punishment. Good to see you both.”

“How are you Helmut?” my wife politely enquires.

“Not so good today!” he booms out. “I lost to one of my Irish guests on the golf course.”

“Not good, eh?” I offer in feigned consolation.

“At least our weather here is better than the Irish rain!” he heckles within earshot of his new found Irish friend. I am always surprised by how inept he appears to be on the golf course despite the amount of time he spends there.

“Anyway I will leave you to relax, I need to practise my swing for another match against the Irishman tomorrow,” he chuckles.

Our centre stage guest stands up to make her grand exit. I half expect trumpets to break the dining room buzz with a farewell fanfare. I am left somewhat disappointed by their absence.

The after dinner stroll into resort centre quickens in the knowledge there is a special singer on stage tonight in the market square. The usual oompah band has lost favour. The gathered audience awaits with eager anticipation as a pink cadillac pulls up by the stage.

A figure in a white jumpsuit mounts the stage to huge cheers. Elvis gets a real tirolean welcome. He is alive and well living in the Tirol!


Author: Paul

Retired and enjoying life.

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